Saturday, 15 December 2012

Restless granite

Behind the glass
her eager eyes,
looking forward -to sloping paths-
Judging back -to fill the gaps-
counting down
the days to come.
Onto the chair
her static limbs,
by time
and thoughts,
by closing doors
forced open wide
although the strength's faded away

Sunday, 25 November 2012


End of the road
I bought my lover two lighthouses.
One is white and blue,
Like the sea
howling rage, shouting joy.
The other is white and red,
Like the fury,
shaking bodies, beating veins.
My lover and I own two lighthouses,
They are sparkling and delightful
… still they shine no light.

I don’t deserve anything else,
The void you’ve left
To be filled with tears
and anguish.
I don’t deserve anything else,
But your silence,
Your doubts, your fears.
It’s desert you’ve left behind
Dry burning sand.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Keeping up

Well, here I am, trying to build my blog ...trying to keep up? get in contact?
In order to understand what I am actually doing, I've googled "how to use a blog", since I don't really know what I should do with it. I found somebody who advised to use a blog "to accomplish a goal". Any goal.
So, I'm setting mine: I wish to get in touch with people.
Actually, I have the feeling that blogs and social networks were making people more and more self-centred. Instead of being really interested in what other people say, the feeling is that we are more focused on ourselves, on what we write and say (I am sick of people who are mesmerized by the sound of their voices!!). But of course I might be wrong, and having spent my last six years devoting myself to my (beloved) partner, my family (made by his children and mine) and my wonderful house (colourful and full of love!), I am not the best judge in these matters (or -I feel compelled to add- in any other). 
Actually talking to my brother and my sister in law, we were wondering wether people's 'closeness', of decades ago, due to necessity was more valuable than people's 'closeness' (??) in this 'online' era ...
And now that I have lost my "beloved" partner (no comment!) and "my" house, I feel I have the right and the duty to keep up ...I still have to understand with what or with whom, but I am definitely convinced I have to keep up.
I have also noticed, with great disconcertment, that these years of "devotion" have somehow drained me ...I am literary speechless, I have lost some of my cynicism, dry humour and my flair with words (written words in particular).
Actually this could be my real goal: "getting in touch with people and find myself again". Well that sounds good, doesn't it?